Today being the Last Day of UB, I am relaxing at home, which explains why I actually have time to post!

I finally looked up the correct pronunciation for the word “neither” (or either). Turns out it is equally acceptable to pronounce it neether or nyther, though most Americans use neether. Britains prefer nyther as pronouncing it neether is considered “a trifle underbred”, and regions of the US with closer ties to the UK (such as New England), still retain the nyther pronunciation. Now you know!

I have a rather irritating feeling of impending calamity. I think it might be because I had horrible, bloody, mind-shattering dreams last night, but it’s still a mite disconcerting. *looks up* Well, the sky hasn’t fallen yet! Keep your fingers crossed.

Livejournal is letting you become a “sponsored account”, meaning you get some of the perks of a paid account, but you have ads on your journal. Hmm…to sponsor or not to sponsor, that is the question! If you type the word “sponsor” too often, it starts to look really funny! But anyway, I love that I would be able to have 15 userpics (I have a thing for userpics, you may have noticed), and I could have a handy LJ photo album thing, which would be…handy. But, ads. Decisions, decisions.

Oh, this is awesome. There’s a note on our kitchen counter that says, “Buy time this week.” I was simultaneously confuzzled and elated, until I realized that Mom wanted to buy a copy of Time magazine. I still like it!

I just realized that I have used the “randomosity” tag on almost every single entry. Is this some sort of deep commentary on my life?

Oh, how have I managed not to talk about this?? I am watching the Horatio Hornblower movies! For English! It’s like a double helping of joy on a plate! Pardon my fangirlishness, but I love these movies SO MUCH, you have no idea. Everyone should read the books, and then see them, immediately. I have VIII left to watch, and then I’m done. I don’t want it to end…they need to make more. Ioan Gruffudd (pronounced approximately Yo-wahn Griffith, for you none-Welsh-speaking folk out there) is, as you might have guessed, Welsh, which only increases his inherent Horatio Hornblower coolness. Seriously, how many people do you know who can wear those hats and not look dumb? Not many, that’s how many.