I just heard my mother say, “I need to buy some manly thank-you-note cards.” I think it was in the context of Ed needing to send a thank-you note to someone, but still. *shakes head*

Shopping is highly overrated, and that’s all I’m saying on the subject.

Speaking of dreams, although I don’t think I was, when I was working at the deli I would have these annoying work-related dreams. Oftentimes VERY prosaic, like in my dream I suddenly realized the customer wanted 2 pounds of shaved turkey and not 3, which is of course A Disaster. But now, especially lately, I have school-related dreams. Only they’re not stress-filled nightmares about failing tests or forgetting to do homework; no, no, nothing so mundane. They’re always about part of the group and some crazy-fun or crazy-scary or crazy-cool adventures! And that’s really so, so much better than shaved turkey. What happens when I start work at Staples? Will I dream of copier ink?? Ghastly.

It’s the Days of Unleavened Bread! And I am currently munching on, you guessed it, unleavened bread! Mom makes the bestest unleavened bread ever, ’tis wonderful. We had the Night To Be Much Observed at the Wulfs’ house this year, and boy howdy can those folks cook. A wonderful time was had by all, as always! I am thoroughly enjoying my break thus far.

I don’t think I brought enough reading material home. I know, this is catastrophic, just take deep breaths and calm down… I finished Mariel of Redwall on Wednesday, read all of Lost in Space on Thursday, and started The Iliad today because that was about all I had. Can’t go wrong with ancient epics anyway.

Seeing Dark Kingdom the other day has re-sparked my interest in the Norse sagas, especially the Volsung saga. I need to reread some of those. The movie itself was good (albeit with a few icky bits) and stuck to the story more or less, which was cool. Plus, the armor! And the swords! And the braids! And the funeral ship burning, and the torqs, and the axes, and the runes, and hello, Brunnhild = awesome. I thought it was funny that they advertised the show as being the precursor to LotR and Narnia and stuff. Tolkien loved the Norse mythology, but when someone asked if he got his ideas from them he said (of his ring and the Ring of the Niebelungs), “They are both round, and there the resemblance ceased.”

I saw the word “hellshine” in a book yesterday, and I think I shall use it one day.

Now go to bed! I shall as well.