So much has been going on, where to begin?? Oh, I know. I found out the other day whilst reading Paradise Lost that the word pandemonium is actually a word Milton made up! It means “all demons” in the sense that pantheon means “all the gods”. Isn’t that cool? …well, I thought so.

Last night there was a shindig Campbell put on, and I got some neat videos! Behold.
At the spring formal. Picking on random people.
Donald DANCES.
The Guys dance the can-can. Absolutely priceless. On a puzzling note, Sarah’s and my voices sound nearly identical when we’re filming, it’s hard to tell who has the camera.
After the formal, wandering about.
Frolicking at Faith’s house. I was completely unaware I was being filmed. Thanks, Sarah. Thanks a lot. (kidding)

And so, in conclusion, a good time was had by all. Sarah has posted a gazillion pictures of the event on facebook.

ALSO. Last weekend, we were going to go camping at my house, only it was 33 degrees and drizzly at night, so we slept in the house. But, it was still a blast, and all total over 600 pictures were taken, along with lots and lots and LOTS of video. More of this later. I’m experimenting with myspace to see if I can ditch Putfile as my video hoster because it does a rather poor job of it, so it might be a little while.

School is a madhouse. A zoo. A loony bin. BUT I WILL SURVIVE. *is drowned in a deluge of papers*

The word welkin means sky in archaic English! I love it. Ok, I need some dinner.