Must change wallpaper! Also, changing display pic and display name on MSN, while I’m at it. Change is good.

Last weekend when I was home I borrowed Ed’s camera (super-nice digital, can take up to half an hour of high quality video or about a jillion pics) and brought it to school. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE JUBILATION. So much fun, it should be illegal. We took pics, vids, swung it around by the strap, it was great. Occasionally it made me a little nervous…”It’s not mine, it’s my brother’s!” (yeah, no one else got the reference either, more people need to see Anne of Green Gables).

Beautiful! Beautiful, I tell you! Yeah, they don’t make sense. Oh, while I’m at it, here’s the Bicycle vid Ed and I made over the winter break.

It irks me that while we did in fact capture lots of video of me riding a bike in a respectably skilled or at least not-badly way, the only clips Ed put in were of me getting lodged in the too-deep sand and stuff. Little brothers…*poofy sigh*

Books! Do not speak to me about books. I have read so little lately, it hurts my eyes. They need to move back and forth rapidly on a page and when they don’t, they get cranky. Technically, I *have* been reading, but it’s been mostly all text books. Don’t get me wrong, I end up reading my Brit Lit book for fun, but still. I’m just saying. It ain’t the same at all. I’m STILL working on The Lost Tales. This is some kind of negative record for me. I used to read a book a day. I *need* to read a book a day. My brain will shrivel and die.

I love this more than words can say
I will learn to do that one day.

Also, I love this. I randomly found it a long time ago, lost it, hunted for it, then found it again. Spiffication!

I steal quotes and words and fragments that I hear/read/whatever and write them all down, and that’s the closest thing I have to a real live journal. Er, no pun intended. But lately these things come to me in class, so they end up all in the margins of my notes. This is highly disorganized and I keep having to go through ALL my school notes and put everything all together because otherwise I might accidentally throw out the good stuff when I throw out the notes. SO. I have fixed this, with my customary organizational [insanity] brilliance. I now put all the cool fragments on the back of the very first page of my binder. On the front, I have all the stuff I need to do. This frees up the margins for doodling! … sometimes I disgust myself, I put the O in OCD.

You know what annoys me? When people do more than three dots (…) in an ellipsis. Why is that? I don’t know. Possibly because it’s not punctuationally correct? Possibly. Yet, I occasionally do the same thing! I am such a grammar hypocrite. Also, no matter how I type occasionally (occassionally?) it always looks wrong. Ok, just checked and it is occasionally, so I was right the first time.

Poppycock, horsefeathers, chickenteeth, fiddlesticks. I resolve to use these words more often.

Hey, we adopted a cat named Beowulf! Is that not the coolest thing ever? Jason is moving into the barracks so we’re taking care of the great Geat for him. Also, we’re watching his absolutely beautiful and completely drool-worthy battleaxe, because apparently you can’t bring those into the barracks either. Go figure.

Facebook rocks.

You know what’s really, really funny? I saw two guys randomly crawl out of a first-floor window in one of the guys’ dorms like they do it every day, and then they just walked off calmly. I can just see it now: “So, you want to go out?” “Sure.” “Window?” “Heck yeah, door’s way too far.” Terrans amuse me.

I can sleep in tomorrow as long as I want. I love that feeling! Aw, Sarah’s trying to go to bed. Isn’t that cute? Actually I probably should too. I just feel very guilty when I ignore this thing, I worry about it getting some kind of abandonment complex and going all depressed on me. You’re not getting Prozac, you hear? You’re stronger than this! Yehaw. Sleeping now, honest.

Purple Lint: best name for a band ever. Sarah thought of it. *pats smart little Sarah on the head*