*wipes brow* I am FINALLY all caught up with homework. Tuesday is my Day From Hell, because I have 5 classes, including my 2 hardest ones. Wednesday, however, is my Day From Purgatory because I have to catch up on all the homework from the Day From Hell. Whee! Anyway, it’s done now, and I’m happy about that. I really didn’t do much of interest today because it was all taken up by class and homework…my language practice is a dim memory and I’ve read a total of 5 minutes today (not getting very far in The Lost Tales as a result). Oh, but in Biology lab today, it was kind of fun. We got termites and did sciency things with them and tried to form an experiement or something. That wasn’t really the fun part, so I don’t really know. But the fun part! I was with friends, and I named the termites. Queen Elizabeth, Carey Grant, Spike, and Indiana Jones. So that was cool!

The other day, Sarah and I went out into that field behind the other soccer field and took a gazillion pictures! They’re up on my facebook account and I’ll probably stick them somewhere else sometime too. Last night was awesome because it was windy and warm and beautiful and the clouds were scudding across the sky. I love that expression, “scudding across the sky”. But anyway, I climbed trees with Faith and we talked a lot about everything and then watched the first two episodes of Firefly, which rocked. After a long and very hard day of class, it was just the thing. And now, I am off to shower or do something else I should be doing other than this!

And I was going to post this LAST WEEK at some point, only internet quit, so I copied it all into a works file, only then I forgot about it until today. So yes.