So, to clarify for those who don’t know, I got myspace, made a couple blog entries, decided to move to livejournal, transferred myspace blog entries here. *settles into livejournal comfortably*

Today was a good day, a very good day! First of all, there was a Firefly marathon on, which I watched a couple hours of and recorded the rest, then Ed and I went to see King Kong and ’twas marvelous!

Peter Jackson, thou art genius. If I may be so bold, best remake ever. I loved the heroine, she was perfect. She had to scream a fair bit, or it just wouldn’t be King Kong, but she wasn’t fainting all the time or boring. She can juggle! And she slaps a giant gorilla! And the last scene with her and Kong was very, very good. Also I would just like to take a moment to say how awesome Adrien Brody is in anything that he does.

I was pleasantly surprised to see all the deeper themes in the movie. Carl Denham was the most pathetic character, talking of the last bit of mystery in the world available to everyone for the price of an admission ticket. Jack’s line about how Carl has an incredible knack for destroying what he loves was beautiful, and I wish I had written it down because I know I butchered it. Then there was Jack’s whole thing about subtext, and Ann’s whole thing about is love even real, and Hayes and The Heart of Darkness (which I wanted to read before but now I really do), and Jack taking care of Jimmy as promised, and the whole vaudeville during the Depression thing, and about a million other things, all with the normal Kong theme under it all and then some. I almost think maybe they tried to fit too much into one movie, it was all good but they needed to spend more time on all of them, and the movie was already over 3 hours long. And I could end up talking about it for far too long.

A side note: Jimmy, you’re great, but for crying out loud, keep your eyes open when you shoot!

Also, today there are finally new episodes of both Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1, so I’m recording those too! This post makes it sound like I watch huge amounts of tv, I really don’t, honest!

You know how you let e-mails pile up until it becomes a huge deal to answer them? Yeah, that’s what I did.

Oh, Ed and I made that lightsaber vid, and it IS The Awesome, only it takes incredibly huge amounts of time to put in all those lightsaber blades. I admit to being somewhat daunted, but I shall prevail! In time.

I love these people.

I made a discovery of earth-shattering proportions the other day. It turns out that I DO NOT HATE ALL CHEESE. This is such a soul-rattling epiphane, I may have to rethink everything in my life. Hating cheese was a constant on a level with despising lima beans, loving books, and wearing glasses. Granted, this does not mean I now love cheese; far from it. It would seem that I like only certain kinds of colby. But still, earth-shattering, yo.

So, books. I finished The Bronze Bow, and it too was not quite as brilliant as I remembered! Sigh. However it was still good, and I was actually right about the whole extra mile thing, so it wasn’t my imagination like the whistling thing apparently was. Hmm…if the whistling thing wasn’t from a book, maybe I could use it in a story? Is it plagiarism if you’re only plagiarizing a recollection of a book that does not exist? Or maybe it’s just from another book, I should ask folks. Anyway, I’m reading more of The Grey King, and I am filled with jubilation because I CAN UNDERSTAND MOST OF THE WELSH! At least, so far. It’s been simple stuff, but still. I feel knowledgeable. Also I started To Kill a Mockingbird and am in fact more than halfway done. I’m really enjoying it so far! Will report when I’m finished. One very embarassing thing about To Kill a Mockingbird, even though I *know* the title is To Kill a Mockingbird, I still often say How To Kill a Mockingbird instead, so then it doesn’t even make sense in the context of the story! I have a literary reputation to uphold, this cannot be! Yet, it is. I even slipped and said “How” in front of one of the librarians! Such mortification.