Today was going to be The Awesome because Ed and I were going to film a lightsaber video, but alas, it rained all day, and he had to work anyway. So tomorrow will the The Awesome! I forgot to mention that last night I constructed a new lightsaber for the aforementioned film. Also last night I finally finished Red Moon and Black Mountain, and today I read all of The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare. I loved that book when I first read it when I was a lot younger. It’s still good, but not like how I remembered. It’s kind of sad that perspective changes like that; it happens all the time because I read so much when I was younger and things that I thought were brilliant back then because they seemed so new and revolutionary are now no longer so. *shakes fist at this whole time-passage thing* Oh well, it’s still a good book. You know what’s really weird though, is one of my favorite parts that I thought was in this book, wasn’t in there at all. I distinctly remember this part where the girl is wandering in the woods and hears someone whistling a song rather poorly, and she loves to whistle, so she starts whistling it properly with all sorts of flourishes. And the other person hears and is exasperated or something…it’s rather vague, I think I was 10 when I read this book. In fact, I’m starting to think it couldn’t have been The Witch of Blackbird Pond at all. Hmm. These blogs are highly conducive to rambling, I like it.

I started The Bronze Bow also by Elizabeth George Spears to see if that was as good as I remembered or not. So far I can’t really tell, but I do remember it was in this book that I first heard of that whole “go the extra mile” thing in its historical context. It originated with the Roman occupation of Jerusalem, where the Roman soldiers were given the right to press any Jew into service to carry the soldier’s pack for a mile. Only a mile, after that they had to release the Jew, but if a soldier asked a Jew to go a mile, you had to obey or get in serious trouble. This, as you can imagine, was a source of major contention for the Jews. Taking the kids to school? Too bad, carry my pack. Off to the market? Tough luck, off you go. So in the Bible where it talks about going the extra mile, it’s a kind of passive resistance. You’re not only putting the shame back on the Roman soldier by going above and beyond your duty, but because of the limits set on what the soldiers could get away with, he could also get in trouble for letting a Jew carry his junk for more than a mile. It’s brilliant, I tell you! I love those little historical sidenotes. I could go on about what the whole”turn the other cheek” thing means in historical context…hmm, perhaps at a later date.

I also started The Grey King by Susan Cooper, though I think I’ll finish The Bronze Bow first. The Grey King is the 4th book in the Dark Is Rising series, of which I’ve read none of the first three, so I’m rather lost, but it has tons of Welsh and Welsh mythology so I couldn’t help but get it. Speaking of Welsh, I went back over the BBC lessons today and redid the first one. It’s been so long since I’ve studied properly, I felt like I needed the review. That’s the only bad thing about being interested in so many different hobbies; one or more is constantly being neglected. Today I did a lot more research on Tengwar, too, which was good because I was confusing myself by combining modes and stuff. Don’t even get me started on the Cirth runes, I am so far behind it’s not even funny. However, I do feel rather accomplished and I even rediscovered one of the sites I’d saved about military hand signals, which is one of those things I want to memorize just because. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do some knotwork or lock picking, more of those memorization things I’m always neglecting.

I finally exercised today (well, not counting random running and hiking and junk) for the first time since rock climbing at Louisville. Not that I was sore or anything, but I’ve been rather lazy lately. I was going to do archery, but the rain and all. At some point during the day all of a sudden sedentary stuff just starts to drive me nuts and I need to move and do something active.

I’m still going through all the Bee Gees music. Do you realize they’ve released something like 20 albums?? I’m almost all the way through them, I think. I love the Bee Gees, but really, there’s a limit. I think I’ve filled my quota for a while. (Oh, and for those who don’t know, this is all part of a huge ongoing project for organizing my music, because there’s so much of it. I made an alphabetical list of all my artists, with favorite songs under each artist heading. I’ve been working on this for almost a year and I’m only on the Bee Gees, so…draw your own conclusions.) I say alphabetically, but it’s by my own weird system which is only semi-alphabetical. I list them by first name/first word of the name of the group rather than going by the last name of the artist, because I remember it better that way for some reason. Plus so many artists only use one name, or they have a group name having nothing to do with anything, and it’s just easier for me to organize. So I have Beulah right after Ben Kweller, for example. But it’s all very time-consuming because I’m listening to all the music on Rhapsody ( by whichever particular artist I’m working on and listing all their good songs, and some of these people have a ton of music! Also every time people give me new music groups to listen to, I get all sidetracked and run off listening to them, so I’m not really getting very far.

It just now occurred to me that most people have no idea what Tengwar or Cirth is, or what Beulah is…sigh.

Oh, hey! Did anyone else see that the new AT&T commercial is not only very nifty-looking and picturesque, but is playing the Oasis song “All Around the World” in that background? Oh, well, I did.

I’m leaving now! This is horribly addictive!*

*It is addictive. Always addictive. NOT ADDICTING. THAT IS NOT THE CORRECT USAGE. *forcibly restrains the English major in her*